Rwanda 2021


Strengthening Education in Africa – high-pledged podium discussion with participation of „Rwanda2020: We share Handcraft”

Mainz. 1 March 2018: On 8 March the international Handcraft Fair (Handwerksmesse (IHM) took place in Munich. Based on the background of growing migration from African countries the Zentalverband des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH) (Central Association of German Handcraft) set its focus on Africa this year. The ZDH will intensify its efforts on site in Africa with goal-oriented, partnership educational projects within the scope of handcraft. In this context there was a podium discussion on the topic of the cause of migration and education as an urgent measure to fight the causes and support self-help projects. The following speakers took part in the high-pledge round of talks: among others, Dr. Auma Obama, sister of former US President Obama, who dedicates herself in regard to sustainable thinking and augmenting for future generations, as well as further prominent politicians and economists, who discussed projects for youths and educational measures, while Norbert de Wolf, project's founder of Rwanda 2020: We share Handcraft presenting the projects Geselle trifft Gazelle and Rwanda 2020: We share handcraft in this context. 

Experienced and dedicated craftsmen and women wanted as Team Leaders

Mainz. 14 February 2018: Our initiative Rwanda 2020: We share Handcraft is well known. 220 young craftsmen and women of various handcrafts will fly to Rwanda on 22 February 2020. We will set up 20 teams. Each team will need a team leader. Therefore, we are looking for motivated and dedicated craftsmen and women to help the teams organize and plan the trip.

They will prepare their teams for the projects and raise their team spirit. On site in Rwanda they will be the leaders of their 11-member teams and points of contact for questions about handcraft topics. Team leaders can set up their teams themselves.

More about the tasks, requirements and prerequisites, contact us via email or phone +49 160 97 810 62.

Our doors are also open for dedicated project supporters and sponsors and we are actively looking for donations/funds for the voluntary exchange and educational project.

Past News from 2017

1st Task Force Meeting

Mainz. 4 December 2017: The organizational team of „Rwanda2020” met in Mainz to discuss the next steps. Heiko Herzog, Norbert and Hélène de Wolf took their results to Rwanda as representatives of the task force. Jerome Gasana, as representative of the Rwandan government and General Director of WDA, had invited the team for talks about the initiative “Rwanda2020”.

*) Jerome Gasana is Work Force Authority General Director, Minister of State TVET and Ministry of Labour.  

ZDH-President takes on the Patronage

Berlin. 27 November 2017: Rwandan Ambassador Igor César and the President of the Zentralverband  des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH) Hans Peter Wollseifer informed themselves with Norbert de Wolf, Managing Director of the Landesverband Farbe RLP, in Berlin about Rwanda 2020: We share Handcraft. The Rwandan Embassy and the ZDH will support the project. Mr.Wollseifer will be the patron of the exchange and vocational education initiative for handcraft. We are pleased about the commitment for the project and the patronage of the President of the ZDH.

Geselle-trifft-Gazelle (GtG) 2018

Mainz. 24 November: Plans for the next GtG trip to Rwanda are in full swing. In March 2018 a group will take off to Kigali and design school rooms together with Rwandan trainees. In calendar week 50 the organizational team will be on site in Rwanda and meet the local organization. Projects and the program will be discussed in detail.

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