Rwanda 2021


Our Goals

For six years we have been conducting an exchange of educational projects in Rwanda with young craftsmen*women and trainees. Our initiative is highly recognized in politics and business. The Federal Institute for Vocational Education has awarded us with a prize for being an "innovative vocational education program for young adults". In 2021 we will put together a project with diverse trades and fly to various locations in Rwanda, accompanied by 121 young European craftsmen*women and trainees. Together with Rwandan craftsmen*women and vocational students, we will carry out renovation work at educational facilities and being working on the Junior Talent House of Handcraft.

All important questions and answers about the project can also be found under FAQ

The Focus of the Project

Our focus is on encountering, exchanging and assisting with self-help for long-term and sustainable, positive effects on the whole population, especially for the local, young people. Rwanda has an overproportional percentage of young people under the age of 25, dreaming of a better future perspective. We will bring young craftsmen*women from Europe together with Rwandans. This will give them the opportunity to use their crafting skills, work on something tangible and learn about and from one another in the scope of a social project.

Project Aims

1. Mutual social engagement of young craftsmen and women from Europe and Rwanda

  • Doing something valuable based on need
  • Exchanging experience and know-how
  • Building understanding for each other and eliminating prejudice
  • Promoting and improving social competence
  • Overcoming boundaries and working together on social projects on an eye-to-eye basis
  • Supporting self-help in the area of education and vocational training

2. Social Engagement in Handcraft

For the first time we are approaching all areas of handcraft and trade. Our goal is to widen social engagement and to work on projects together. We would like to pass on our experience and convince others that it is worthwhile to dedicate oneself beyond borders and to share.  Social engagement in a vocational context is an investment for the future.

3. Rwanda – a conscientious decision

We explicitly chose Rwanda for a cooperation because this small East African country is diligently and seriously working on a change and sets a focus on vocational education and training. Rwanda is one of the safest places in Africa, despite – or maybe because of – its moving recent history. Its manner of handling the past should be taken as a prime example. We truly believe that we will learn from our experience and can prepare for the future.

Rwanda is an enchanting and beautiful country with hospitable, cheerful and goal-oriented people. Travels in and through this country "of thousand hills" is impressing and inspiring time and time again.

Since 1982 there has been a strong partnership between Rwanda and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. The spirit of this so-called "grass root partnership" lives on encounter, personal dedication and direct, need-oriented support.

4. Education shapes a Future

Upon the background of growing migration the Central Association of German Handcraft (Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH), supports and promotes partner initiative on site in Africa. The association is convinced, as well as we are, that handcraft is a substantial contribution to the elimination of the causes for migration in Africa, so that young people on site have a future to build on.

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