Rwanda 2021


Showcase Country on the African Continent

Rwanda has developed into a dynamic, future oriented democratic nation. Great improvements have been made in regard to health, social security and education. Personal entrepreneurship is supported. The economy is developing in a positive manner. 

The people in Rwanda are very cordial, cheerful and extremely hospitable. They are interested in the lives of their visitors and love to share stories about themselves, contemporary and former life in Rwanda. The Rwanda population has learned from the dark period in recent history, from the genocide of the Tutsi people and the Rwandan society has responded in a very openly and future oriented manner. Today Rwanda is a nation in peace. Thanks to an offensive reconciliation process the country, once split into three nations, is evolving into one joint nation.  

Rwanda is one of the smallest African states, has an extraordinary wealth of animals and plants and is very impressing with diverse break-taking landscapes. The protection of natural resources and the living space for people and wildlife is a main focus and is consequently promoted in the sense of sustainability.

In our newsletter (starting in 2018) we will present extraordinary ideas, projects, initiatives in the scope of environmental protection, sustainability and society in Rwanda.   Our personal experience and encounters   Video clips about our trips and projects in „Geselle trifft Gazelle“ (FtG) in Rwanda. Clips open in YouTube. 

Video clip "Geselle trifft Gazelle"

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